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Are they real or granite and stone look alikes? Need a spectacular metal finish? What about a wood looking surface so real it seems to want to be waxed? How about a custom design? Then there's colors and pattern galore. The Capitoline variety of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) choices suits every need, and Capitoline sources from every quality HPL manufacturer. Click on the linked pages below to see hundreds of selections sourced from some of the world's major laminate manufacturers including:

Laminate featuring colorways, finishes and performance standards that deliver a virtually endless combination of possibilities. Choose a design from the hundreds and hundreds of colors and patterns, as well as granite and stone that replicate the real thing! See The Standards, Wilsonart HD, the Granites, Marble and Stones Collection, Woodgrains, Patterns and Abstracts, the Indie Collection, and Decorative Metals. See laminate finishes, too, from high gloss to a fine velvet texture.

Open the Wilsonart selection site: click here.

The Formica Group is a leading manufacturer of decorative high pressure laminate and surfacing materials. High-quality Formica® laminate is among the most versatile of surfacing materials, providing an unbeatable low maintenance, durable and dependable surface that will continue to look good for years. It has potential for a huge variety of applications - such as worktops, wall linings, doors, cubicles and lockers - in many contexts, whether in the home, at work, in shops and offices, in private places or in public spaces.

See Formica Samples:
180fx: finally, a laminate as large as life, including true to scale granite patterns
Woodgrains: from Express Pear to Victorian Mahogany
Patterns: a broader range of choices than ever before
Solid Colors: colors and more colors!
DecoMetal: Glow here, sparkle there with real metal foil laminate

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