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High pressure laminate (HPL) panels are perfect for the most demanding office environments and ideal for schools, spas, salons, retail shops, restaurants, medical offices, sports facilities and more. HPL is a versatile, nonporous, waterproof and food safe surface with performance characteristics that include resistance to wear, staining, fading and scratches. It is suitable for high traffic environments and can be used for vertical applications as well as horizontal surfaces.

Capitoline durable and decorative overlaid panels are available in high-quality substrates and in an unlimited range of colors, finishes and patterns from the world's major manufacturers for use in a wide variety of environments, from hospital emergency rooms to hotel lobbies, from luxurious wall paneling to gymnasium lockers, washrooms, laboratories, lofts, libraries or whatever case goods are the conventional choice.

As one of the nation's largest manufactures of post formed laminate countertops, quality craftsmanship by Capitoline means world class construction and exacting commitment to detail in every HPL panel for a wide variety of markets and uses, including:
Schools & Colleges
Medical Offices & Hospitals
High-rise Office Complexes
Office Furniture Re-manufacturers
Store Fixture Manufacturers
Display Manufacturers
Marine Manufacturers
Gaming Machine Manufacturers
Temporary Office Manufacturers

Depend upon Capitoline to deliver the high quality, decorative and environmentally conscious solutions you need.

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