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The Capitoline staff exhibits traditional values and work ethics while performing their craft and tasks to set the leadership standard in the industry. For more than 20 years, Capitoline has constantly improved its production capabilities to continually be a state of the art advanced laminated surface component facility that sets the leadership standard of the industry. Capitoline production facilities house the most advanced laminated surface components to become both an expression of individuality and a business opportunity to customers across the country.

The entire facility staff, from crafts people, skilled management and administrators with more than 30 years of experience to a young intern just finishing the first week on the job, perform relentlessly, all to the demanding expectation of customers, day after day.

Capitoline crafts people and the administration team seamlessly produce each customer's request, proficiently combining leading edge technical know how, while relentlessly maintaining traditional values and good old fashioned American work ethics.

Our mutual success is no accident. It is the result of meticulous preparation and execution based on Capitoline's decades of expertise.

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