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What does Capitoline Products manufacture?

Capitoline manufactures postformed countertops, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels, finished High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panel component parts and extended plywood.

How does the Capitoline production facility set the industry leadership standard?

For more than 20 years, Capitoline has constantly improved its production capabilities to continually be a state of the art advanced laminated surface component facility that sets the leadership standard of the industry.

What is the Capitoline corporate commitment to customers?

In today’s competitive economy, Capitoline customers must have a strong strategic partner that is prepared to seize opportunities while sharing the customer’s vision and values.

What is the Capitoline staff commitment to customers?

Capitoline crafts people and the administration team seamlessly produce each customer’s request, proficiently combining leading edge technical know how, while relentlessly maintaining traditional values and good old fashioned American work ethics.

What is the Capitoline commitment to the environment?

In addition to earning FSC Chain of Custody Certification, Capitoline supports sustainable building programs and green build projects because, at Capitoline, environmental responsibility is an important and continuous process. 

How many countertop edge designs does Capitoline manufacture?

In addition to the two exciting StoneLike edges, Capitoline countertop edge options are available in 7 designer profile shapes and can be simple or complex, from a classic straight edge or an exciting European option.

What are the characteristics of the two StoneLike edge profiles?

With softly sweeping edges, the Granito edge resembles the finest chiseled techniques to create a rich looking finish while the sharp chiseled Pietra edge duplicates the precise angles created by skilled stone masters.

What laminate colors, patterns and finishes does Capitoline offer for countertops?

From Formica's true-to-scale granite patterns, Wilsonart's granite look alike choices and offerings from any other major laminate manufacture to a variety of colors, patterns and textures, Capitoline countertops suit every creative and budget need.

Unlike granite, why are laminate countertops rated as eco-friendly?

Granite comes with a very high cost to the environment including the expensive quarry process, excessive movement around the planet for processing, excessive waste and energy use whereas Capitoline and its suppliers follow environmentally sound practices (FSC, LEED & more).

Why does Capitoline offer High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels?

HPL is a versatile, nonporous, waterproof and food safe surface -- with performance characteristics that include resistance to wear, staining, fading and scratches, stimulating many home and commercial business opportunities for Capitoline customers.

Why does Capitoline offer extended plywood products?

Again, to open new residential and commercial opportunities to its customers, Capitoline is the industrial, decoration or DIY, domestic to imported one-stop source for plywood, scarfed and extended, stock or custom cut to exact dimensions and in any quantity.

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