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While also continually monitoring environmental standards, Capitoline adheres to precise quality standards for all our products.

Capitoline Products Standards:

  • All products exceed the ANSI
  • Available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths
  • Standard postform grade laminate
  • Both standard and special styles and sizes are suitable for all residential, commercial, institutional or light industrial applications.
  • Available surfaced with any major brand of decorative laminate.

Plywood Substrate Specifications:

Specifications for plywood substrate use in the manufacturing of postformed countertops, end splashes and High Pressure Laminated Panels are as follows for both domestic and imported plywood.

Domestic Plywood, AC Fir (Exterior)

  • Grade A veneer shall be firm, smoothly cut and free of knots, pitch pockets, open splits and other open defects and well joined when of more than one piece.  Synthetic fillers shall only be used to fill. 
  • Grade C plugged face veneer are identified as fully sanded.  Sanding defects shall not exceed 5 percent of the panel area.

Import Plywood, Birch PBB/CC (Exterior):

  • PBB/CC and overlay core grades shall have no more than five core components matched for color and machine splices with no components less than 152 millimeter wide.
  • BB core will have no voids, no end splits, no lap veneers with even core thickness.
  • CC core may have one void equal to 1.6 mm x 102 mm not visible on the face.
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