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In creating laminated surface components, only Capitoline transforms the environment, user experience and ultimate vision into a surface to the client’s command.  Combined with other components for the client’s purpose and design, the customer’s vision is manufactured individually.

Capitoline manufactures:

  • Postform countertops
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels
  • Finished High Pressure Laminate panel component parts
  • Plus, extended plywood

In today’s competitive economy, our customers must have a strong strategic partner that is prepared to seize opportunities while sharing the customer’s vision and values. Capitoline relentlessly uses advanced technology and quality surface components for a custom manufacture to the customer’s complete satisfaction… For each customer, every project.

It’s all about superiority above and beneath the surface, unmatched craftsmanship developed over decades of experience, old fashioned American values, and a strong partner to help grow a customer’s business.  Manufacturing Individuality is not a slogan. At Capitoline, it is the solution to a customer’s most demanding expectations.

The World of Capitoline Products