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Guided by our conviction that momentum multiplies opportunities, Capitoline is focused on advanced laminate surface components -- a dynamic, growth opportunity where we can add the most value to a customer’s sales and bottom line and where Capitoline has been a pioneering leader for more than 25 years. 

A commitment to traditional values nor change is not a new concept to Capitoline – not when the sole purpose of establishing the company has always been based on the beliefs and craftsmanship that made American the greatest economy in the world.

We choose to make things happen versus letting them happen. Capitoline will approach any project with value pricing, superior quality and timely service.

Together with our customer, we explore the future, then discover and develop new applications for advanced laminated surface components.  Our mutual success is no accident. It is the result of meticulous preparation and execution based on Capitoline’s decades of expertise.  Joined with our customer’s strength in sales, customer service, logistics and supply chain management, not to mention vision and aggressive dedication, the impact can only be described as invaluable. 

Let’s team up and do business.

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